3 Great Cheap Travel Sources You Should Bookmark

Why am I so obsessed with travel? Because up until earlier this year, I only had a Turkish passport which requires getting a visa for a lot of cool places such as the EU countries. And getting a visa is a tedious process which also includes fees and minimal humiliation. Now that I also have an American passport, I’m absolutely out of control, always on the hunt for the next deal. In such a short time, I’ve already scored a lot of cheap flights, allowing me to see my friends and family overseas, without breaking the bank.

san diego

These guys are my partners in crime:

1 – The Points Guy: Founded by Brian Kelly, this blog has really taught me a lot of stuff about the way I can maximize my credit card use. I’ve been following him for about 2 years now, and he’s reached a celebrity status because of all the extremely useful tips and alerts he shares with his readers. Plus, his travel photos are awesome.

Favorite Example: Last Christmas morning, when I was browsing the web in my pajamas, I noticed the Etihad Airlines error fare to Abu Dhabi. Booked instantly since the dates were as far as 9 months out. Thanks to the Points Guy, I flew out to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for a tiny $177 round-trip from NYC.

 I had way too much fun in Dubai. But the SAFari was my favorite part. Get it?

2 – The Flight Deal: No-frills fare deal alerts. They post daily, usually several times a day. A lot of irresistible flight deals.

Favorite Example: My recent booking of a $245 roundtrip ticket to Oslo from NYC.Complemented by a Oslo-London roundtrip ticket for $22 on RyanAir.

Oslo photo via polartravel.com


mexico city

3 – Secret Flying: They claim to know “The deals nobody else knows about” but from time to time you can see the same story across different blogs. Still they are updated very often, and they also include a variety of international flight deals so you don’t really have to live in the US to take advantage of them.


Favorite Example: Toronto to NYC for $78 (one way).


PRO TIP: Make sure to follow these pages on Facebook as well, and change your settings to “See First” their posts so you literally don’t miss a deal.

Now don’t forget, the error fares are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many travel hacks you can achieve by being a smart credit card user. Being a mile hoarder is fun and rewarding. And usually doesn’t cost you an extra dime.


Ask me all your travel deal questions below in the comments section, follow me on LinkedIn & Instagram (@grabthatpassport) and watch out for my upcoming posts where I’ll be sharing a lot tips and tricks that changed my life during the last couple of years. Because it’s time to pay it forward 🙂

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I’m a New York-based global citizen and a digital marketing strategist who is lucky enough to make a living out of his passion. I’m also a travel blogger  with 13,500+ combined social followers. Check out my blog and social channels for inspiration & travel hacks!

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