A 30-Something’s First Hostel Experience

I honestly don’t know why it took me so long. Despite having been to nearly 50 countries, and even getting featured on ABC News for it, I had never stayed at a hostel until early 2017. In late 2016, I booked ultra-cheap Norwegian Airlines tickets from NYC to Paris and from Copenhagen back to NYC (both directContinue reading “A 30-Something’s First Hostel Experience”

How I Visited 25 Countries in 1 Year on a Budget (Without Getting Fired!)

“How do you travel so much?” This is probably the question that I get the most from my friends. This made me realize I should probably post an analysis of my last year’s travels, along with some tips, that really helped me become the frequent traveler that I am today. In 2016, I have visitedContinue reading “How I Visited 25 Countries in 1 Year on a Budget (Without Getting Fired!)”

3 Great Cheap Travel Sources You Should Bookmark

Why am I so obsessed with travel? Because up until earlier this year, I only had a Turkish passport which requires getting a visa for a lot of cool places such as the EU countries. And getting a visa is a tedious process which also includes fees and minimal humiliation. Now that I also have an American passport,Continue reading “3 Great Cheap Travel Sources You Should Bookmark”