My Life as a Will & Grace Fan (+ Review of Live Taping + a 24hr Trip from NYC to LA)

Growing up in Turkey in 90s, we didn’t have too many local or international shows on TV that portrayed gay characters. Those characters that existed were usually butt of the joke. When I randomly discovered Will & Grace in late 90s, after watching an episode of Friends, it was instant love. I suddenly had a huge crush on Will. Besides being an eye-candy, he was also a true idol for me at the time. Living a life, surrounded by good friends that got him into crazy shenanigans, in arguably the best city on earth. I was still not out as a gay boy, so watching a “normal” character as the lead and learning the queer culture in my dream city was a magical thing. I was so sad when the show came to an end in 2006, I was literally ready to slap someone just like Karen, who slapped Jack when she found out Friends and Fraser were ending.

3 Days in Havana: 5 Cool Things to Do & Tips For First Timers

Until very recently, Cuba was off-limits for Americans, despite being less than 100 miles away from the Florida Coast. Thanks to the Obama Administration’s efforts, American citizens gained a relatively limited freedom to travel to this beautiful island. Cuba has multiple destinations like Viñales, Trinidad and Cienfuegos, but its global and cultural gateway, La Habana (aka Havana)Continue reading “3 Days in Havana: 5 Cool Things to Do & Tips For First Timers”